5 Reasons to Invest a Nomos Watch Right Away

Nomos Watch
Nomos Watch

An excellent timepiece functions not only as wristwear but also as a lifelong companion. It has a story to tell in every journey, and it continues from generation to generation. Before you even buy it, it has a glorious history to tell. Peter Henlein is credited as the inventor of the watch, a young mathematician that shapes many-wheeled clocks out of small bits of the iron. It is unbelievable that fashion also works even for mathematicians as he created “clock-watches,” ornamental timepieces worn as pendants. From then on, watches are phenomenal and worthwhile.  

Watch history is an “aside” for others, but there is a watch brand that you’ll find interesting. The Nomos inventor, Roland Schwertner, is an IT expert and photographer with no watch experience from Düsseldorf Saxony, Germany. He is just like Peter Henlein, who used his resources to create an incredible masterpiece. There are several reasons why Nomos is worth having. 

Founding and History of Nomos 

The founding of Nomos is two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. These are significant events in the timing of Nomos production during the 1990s, which signifies the reconsolidation of Germany and a renaissance in German design. Nomos lies in Glashütte, a well-known town in the history of sensational and high-quality watches since the mid-1800s. The combination of modernity and tradition defines Nomos’ progress in which it lives with new technology and improvements along the way. Nomos’ pride has its manufacturer in-house; its independence resulted in new technical innovation, tremendous partnership, and success in watchmaking history. 

This young watch company exemplified in producing the finest and reliable timepieces for 31 years. The establishment of this phenomenal watch company brings standards, pride, and rich history — it introduces a new perspective in watchmaking. So, better stick with us till the end to understand why Nomos watches is the right watch to invest in. 

5 Reasons Why Nomos Is Worth Investing

1. Nomos Origin: Combining Art and Craftsmanship 

Nomos’ birth town is in Glashütte, Saxon, the heart of the German watchmaking industry. This place is known for its artisan manual-winding and automatic mechanical watches; small town yet an excellent place for watchmaking. In January 1990, a photographer and computer enthusiast named Roland Schwertner pursued to make his own watchmaking company with a vision of founding a new company based on Glashütte’s longstanding history of quality watchmaking. Then he worked for it and established Nomos with unique timepieces. Nomos chose the design approach of Bauhaus, which resulted in producing outstanding watches. Bauhaus is a school of design, architecture, and applied arts located in Germany during the 1990s. It specializes equally in art and craftsmanship, producing functionality in various techniques. The designs of four watches from its first collections have a Bauhaus concept. It forms classic, revolutionary, and standout timepieces. Nomos created simple, versatile, and aesthetic watches that marked success for their company. Today, it continuously creates fascinating timepieces.  

2. Nomos Movement: Reliable In-House Manufacturer

Nomos is younger than other Germany’s watchmaking brands, but it doesn’t mean that they are left behind. The production of revolutionized and new functionalities resulted in a substantial impact on the watch industry. Nomos is well-known for its pride in creating an independent movement. Inventors pursue working calibers that are automatic, precise, and thin —all of these qualities are exceptional in watchmaking, making Nomos a dedicated company. Nomos automatic functions smoothly because it winds itself using the motion of your arm. It has a spring inside the automatic movement that tension itself regardless of your arm’s movement. Most Nomos watches are crafted with sapphire crystal glass back in which you can beautifully see the delicate movement of its caliber.

3. Nomos Collection Goes with Everything 

Simplicity and aesthetics are words that describe Nomos watches, and you can’t resist a sophisticated and elegant look while wearing them. The way Nomos company describes it, “thirteen model families, eleven calibers—beautiful, highly precise watches for him, for her, for everyone.” Nomos had created 13 collections in the year 2021, upholding contemporary and genderless designs. Nomos’ eye-catching and versatile watches have been recognized by public juries and public votes across the world. These are award-winning prizes not only for good designs but also for their versatility and functionalism. Wear these Nomos watches effortlessly in a mix-match, for it will surely bring out your style.    

4. Great Watch with a Great Price

If you’re looking for high quality, high tech, and long-lasting with affordable prices, Nomos is perfect for you. It has outstanding movement and design that are worth having at a reasonable price. Nomos Club and Nomos Tetra are two of Nomos collections that you want to consider, that only range from $1,000 to $5,000. These collections offer the finest materials with extraordinary features such as a longer power reserve, excellent water resistance, and unique watch displays. The Nomos Club has its sporty and elegant look, while Nomos Tetra is a revolutionized watch in an edgy square style. Various collections may look costly, but you’ll be amazed at their price. 

5. A Great Collection for Beginners 

Who says that collecting watches is only a rich game? Think again! Nomos watches are rich in history, have an excellent in-house movement, and have reasonable prices. The 13 collections of Nomos have different styles that are easy to collect and worth investing in. Watch collectors didn’t purchase for interest, but it is the value that a watch holds. It is essential to know the importance of your watch collection in which it truly defines your style and personality. It is satisfying to purchase a watch with a substantial value and pride, which Nomos have. Despite being a young watch company, it is not a hindrance in performing well in the watch industry—a reliable companion on lifelong journeys. 

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Final Thoughts 

Owning a wristwatch is not about keeping it in trend or because some told you to purchase it—a good watchkeeper values the watch’s history, functionalism, and style. Get to know more about Nomos at WatchShopping.com and own invest right away! 


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