A Brief Introduction to the Magical Apple TV

Apple TV
Apple TV

We all know how important the role streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and many others have played in our lives during the pandemic and even before that.

However, for Apple fans, Apple TV is the first choice for streaming service, and rightly so because it has the potential to take your entertainment quality up a notch. If you also want to become a part of the Apple world, let us guide you from the start.

What is Apple TV?

After conquering the smartphone, tablet, and computer world, Apple decided it was time to take on the streaming world when it decided to launch its own digital streaming console called Apple TV in January 2007.

Apple TV offers nonstop entertainment to its subscribers with a plethora of amazing TV shows, movies, documentaries, and some of the most exciting Apple TV apps you could imagine. The package contains a micro-console and a custom remote control that allows you to control your entertainment every evening. You can further access the device using Siri from your iPhone.

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Unlimited Entertainment

Obviously, the primary reason for acquiring this amazing device is to keep yourself entertained. Well, Apple TV does not fail you in this regard. Not only can you enjoy the abundant collection available on iTunes but you can also get access to numerous channels of your choice in sports, entertainment, news and so much more.

How much does Apple TV Cost?

You can easily purchase this amazing device at Apple’s own website, Amazon, BestBuy, and several other similar sites. Apple TV HD is available for you at only $149.00, whereas Apple TV 4K is available for $179 for a 32 GB model and $199 for a 64 GB model.

What Else Does It Offer?

Under the Hood

This device is packed with an A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture, which is the highlight of the gadget. This chip makes for a powerful yet compact engine that makes all the magic happen on the screen in front of you. Furthermore, it possesses 3 GB RAM for you to support your 4K needs.

In terms of storage, you have the option to choose from a 32 GB model or a 64 GB model. In either case, you will have a ton of storage to save your favorite TV shows, movies, and video games. All of this aided by the necessary feature such as Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI port, Wi-Fi 802.11 capacity, and a lot more.

Siri Remote

Siri Remote allows you to have total control over your Apple TV at home. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity for easier access, IR capability, and a USB charging port for a quick recharge. The front of the remote features a built-in touch surface used as the primary selection method. Other than that, you have a dual-microphone slot, a dedicated home button, Siri button, Menu button, Play/Pause, and volume controls.

Dedicated Remote App

If you would rather control your Apple TV with your iPhone or your iPad, then there is an app for that as well. You can easily download Apple TV App on your devices from the Apple App Store. After the download, you will be able to access an equally comfortable interface on the app as the Siri Remote.

Third-Party Accessories

Apple TV also happens to support other third-party Bluetooth devices for further ease regarding accessibility. Let’s say you are a person who enjoys serious gaming, you would easily be able to connect your Bluetooth controllers or Bluetooth keyboards and enjoy your favorite games without any hurdle.

Apple TV+

And since you have spent a significant amount of money on acquiring this sophisticated piece of machinery, you are obviously looking to pair it with the perfect companion. Thus bringing us to Apple TV+. Apple TV+ is this giant’s way of taking streaming giants like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more.

This service allows you to access a selected collection of TV shows that you will definitely enjoy in your spare time. It may not offer an abundant collection like Netflix but it still has some great options to choose from. In addition to being compatible with Apple TV, the service is also accessible on other devices including Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

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What are You Waiting for Then?

Millions take pride in being loyal to Apple. You have got your iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and more, but now it is time to take it to the next level with Apple TV. Just make sure to do your research beforehand.


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