Best Sim Racing Wheels in 2021 for any Level

Best Sim Racing Wheels in 2021
Best Sim Racing Wheels in 2021

The progress sim racing has made since the arcade era of the 1980s has been nothing short of staggering. Even back then publishers were praising their games for how realistic racing video games were. However, it pales in comparison to how close to reality sim racing games are now, in 2021. For the majority, with the development of online gaming, it is the closest to driving on a race track they will get. Yet, for the most immersive experience, you’ll need a sim racing PC or games console, combined with an awesome rig. So what are the best sim racing wheels on the market to get the optimum setup? Let’s have a look.


G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Compatible with: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac
Price (Amazon): £218.99

Logitech is one of the biggest manufacturers of some of the best sim racing wheels. An Amazon bestseller, its G29 Driving Force has proven very popular among racers. Like most racing wheels it comes with a number of buttons for adjusting brake balances and traction control – although it can be configured for anything. The G29’s brake pedal is non-linear which makes for a more realistic braking system compared to other pedals on the market. What’s more, the racing wheel also has LED lights on display. These light up at a time when you should change gear – a very helpful feature.

G920 Steering Wheel

Compatible with: Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, Mac
Price (Amazon): £219.00

Praised for its ergonomic design, the G920 has a really nice feel. It’s based on the previously mentioned PlayStation model – the G29. The steering wheel has an impressive 900o of rotation. This means that it doesn’t feel as if you’re using a typical arcadey-feeling wheel as opposed to other wheels, so you’re able to benefit from the most immersive experience. Both the G29 and the G920 are heralded as the best sim racing wheels for those just starting out.


Thrustmaster T300 RS

Compatible with: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac
Price (Amazon): £329.99

Thrustmaster is one of the most established manufacturers of sim racing wheels today. Its superbly motorized feedback means you can truly get a feel for your car’s grip. It gives an awesome ‘force feedback’ – which means that when you collide with another vehicle in-game or hit a wall, you can genuinely feel that sensation. If you’re serious about getting ahead of the competition, this is one of the best sim racing wheels for you.

Thrustmaster TMX

Compatible with: Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC
Price (Amazon): £138.57

As one of the most well-known sim racing wheels brands, Thrustmaster also needs to cater to those at entry-level. Perhaps that is why it released its TMX Force Feedback wheel. Pretty decent value for money, this setup is ideal for those on a budget. The force feedback is perhaps as prominent as you’d see on other sim racing wheels on the market but it still makes for a more immersive experience than other setups. This is one of the best sim racing wheels if you’re looking to get into the scene.

Thrustmaster T150

Compatible with: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC

Price (Amazon): £167.50

You’ve got two options with the Thrustmaster T150 – a normal edition or a Ferrari-branded one. Essentially, this setup takes the T300 RS and dials everything back a touch – the flashy features and the force feedback system. However, it is still a good option if you’re just looking to have a bit of fun sim racing. It has a very sturdy feel that you may not get with other setups at a similar price point. Despite being not as strong as the T300 RS, the force feedback is still great. Rest assured, this is a fantastic sim racing wheel for those just looking to race casually.


Fanatec CSL Elite

Compatible with: PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Price (Amazon): £750

Fanatec is certainly the leading brand when it comes to sim racers on a larger budget. Established as a premium wheel for sim racing, the CSL Elite comes with different force feedback technology than some of the other setups on the list. This product has since been discontinued, but it still has a worthy place as one of the best sim racing wheels – you can still purchase one second-hand after all. It offers the most versatile and immersive race car experiences you can get.

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No matter what level of sim racing you are looking to play at, one of these steering wheels will suit your needs. Whether you’re playing the latest F1 game or looking to take your racing to Gran Turismo or Forza, it’s vital that you have one of the best sim racing wheels. Are you just starting out? Maybe the Thrustmaster T150 will be perfect for you. However, if you’re more ride or die, you could be looking towards some of the premium brands such as Fanatec.


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