History, Personality, and Other Facts about Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats
Norwegian Forest Cats

A visit to Norway in the peak of winter and you would consider the cold region of Alaska a walkover. Frankly, Norway is cold.

Even in seasons other than winter, you still have a taste of the cold nature of the European region. So, it is not just about the most extreme cold temperature that can be recorded but the consistency as well. For more information on how cold this region can be, you can check here.

What this means is that every living creature that would survive in Norway must be anatomically equipped to withstand extremely cold temperatures. For us, this is the story of the national feline creature of Norway.

Let us talk about the Norwegian Forest Cat!

This cat must have a lot beneath its amazing and good-looking furs to be able to handle the cold temperature in this region. But beyond this, the Norwegian forest cat is a feline companion every passionate feline lover would want to have. Let us talk some more about this breed.

How the Norwegian Forest Cat Came to be

The first thing you should know is that this feline creature dates back centuries. At least, it has been around for well over a thousand years. This is judging from folklore in the Norwegian region and some other things.

Unfortunately (as with many other ancient feline breeds), many mysteries surround the history of this cat. There are many contradictory tales about the breeds that were matched to create this cat.

Breeds such as domestic shorthairs are mentioned a lot when this aspect of its history is brought up. Well, we should focus on things we are certain about.

Speaking of history, you should know that this breed was almost wiped off. When we say wiped off, we are talking about the rate at which the trueness of this feline creature almost became extinct.

This was courtesy of the 2nd world war as little or no attention was paid to this feline creature. As a result, they began to mix with domestic cats and lose their uniqueness in terms of structural look, personality traits, and other things.

However, thanks to certain breeders that made it a point of duty to protect this unique and ancient feline breed, it is still here. For the record, you should know that the Norwegian forest cat was not the only feline breed affected in this way by the war.

There are several others that almost went into extinction. If you are interested in finding out more about how Norwegian forest cats almost became extinct during this period, you can visit: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/69586/10-furry-facts-about-norwegian-forest-cats

Other Names for the Norwegian Forest Cat

This good-looking feline breed is called some other names. To be candid, the name Norwegian forest cat seems too formal for some owners, guardians, parents, and lovers of this cat. So, they prefer to refer to them using some other names.

The most common especially in this part of the world is Wedgies. We have even gathered that more people around know them by this name better than the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Other than this, you should know that this feline creature has an indigenous name from where it originates – Norway. The name it is called in Norway is Skogkatt.

It might interest you to know that this indigenous name simply means “forest cat”. So, the globally recognized name – Norwegian Forest cat; is a literal translation of the indigenous name – Skogkatt.

Where the Norwegian Forest Cat Is Commonly Found

The Norwegian forest cat is very common in Europe. However, there have been deliberate activities aimed at making them a common cat in the United States and North America as a whole.

However, they are not a common feline in the United States and North America as things currently are. On the other hand, their very close look-alike (the Maine Coon) is very common in the USA especially.

Some people even find it difficult to distinguish between the Maine coon and this feline breed. So, some of these people end up thinking some of the few Norwegian forest cats in the United States and North America are Maine Coons.

Well, there are some structural differences between both felines. For instance, the Maine coons face is slightly square-like. This is unlike the Wedgie that is triangle-like.

The Personality Of The Norwegian Forest Cat

This is one of the things that make this feline beloved. It is the fact that it is not too demanding but friendly. It has a good sense of individuality that still accommodates other people and creatures around.

For instance, this is not the sort of cat that will have separation anxiety easily. Its good sense of independence is the reason for this. On the other hand, it is a good and loyal friend and can read emotions and help relieve them.

However, you should know that this feline creature needs time to settle. Or better still, it is very observant and studies everyone and its environment before opening up.

This is why it will not open up to strangers and visitors easily. But when it does, everyone would have a field day coexisting with this amazing feline breed.

Great Athletes

Wedgies are not only good at coping with extreme cold weather temperatures because of their full fur, but they are also good athletes.

One of the ways to prove this is their climbing prowess. They like to make good use of their cat tree. So, you should make provision for this if you want one.


Frankly, there is more to know about the Norwegian Forest cat than what has been discussed here. However, we have touched on some of the key aspects. You can see holistapet to learn more about these unique and amazing feline creatures.

When you get a Wedgie, you get one of the best kinds of feline breeds. However, there is work for owners. Grooming is one of such responsibilities.

Also, you need to provide a suitable environment for this breed to thrive. They need ample space. You are advised to create the right environment if you choose to raise this feline creature.


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