How to Optimize Your Mobile Phone for Video Games

Optimize Your Mobile Phone for Video Games
Optimize Your Mobile Phone for Video Games

Do you play video games on your phone? If your answer is YES, then you are about to learn how to enjoy it even more…

Whether you want to admit it or not, the video game industry is ruled by smartphones. As it is a huge profit in question, but also the presence of a large audience, it is not surprising that more and more manufacturers of popular video games are deciding to make games for mobile phones.

Now you can play on our phones Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, GTA, League of Legends, and many other titles (many of which can be found in the offers of online casinos reviewed, among other things, by the types of newly emerged payment methods they included, so there is, say, the best Flexepin online casino, etc.) which, until a few years ago, you could only play on consoles and computers. Looking at what kind of video games for phones come out, it seems that this imaginary border between the phone and the console (also, a computer) is being broken and some titles – such as Genshin Impact – really look spectacular on smartphones.

If you want to optimize your Android phone for gaming, there are a few things you need to do…


The best start for any change in the settings of the phone itself because there you have complete control over how you want your device to work. Below we have highlighted some key settings for the best experience.

Gaming over mobile data ’eats up’ your Internet, so it would be best to use Wi-Fi whenever you can.

Use the Best Mobile Internet

Your network dictates which mobile data your device uses to connect to the Internet. If you are not at home and do not have access to a Wi-Fi network, pay attention to which network you are connected to because, by choosing the best one, you can reduce connection problems and latency. As there is still no 5G in all parts of the world, the most logical choice is 4G.

Open “Settings“ and select “Network & Internet option“, then “Mobile Network“. Click “Advanced“ and then click “Preferred Network Type“. Choose the best option.

Activate “Dolby Atmos“

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, it is quite possible that it has support for “Dolby Atmos“, and there are special gaming options. “Dolby Atmos“ serves to make the sound of your phone much better, which also provides a better experience.

Here is how to turn it on on your Galaxy phone: open “Settings“, then select “Sounds and Vibrations“. You will find “Dolby Atmos“ by scrolling to “Sound Quality and Effects“. Make sure you have both options turned on – “Dolby Atmos“ and “Dolby Atmos for Gaming“.

Enable “High Screen Refresh“

This option is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to Android phones, and there is almost no premium phone on the market without it. With “High screen refresh“ enabled, your game will run smoothly and the screen will process images much faster than the average display. Not every video game uses this really great option, but this trick will allow you to get the best response from those games that have it.

You can find this setting on your phone if you type “Refresh Rate“ or “Motion Smoothness“ in the general setting search.

Background Apps

No matter how optimized your device is for gaming, if you have a collection of applications running in the background, they are the ones that can slow down the performance of your phone. Such background applications prevent the power of your hardware from being fully expressed.

Make sure you shut down all apps before you start your game. In addition, make sure you have enough memory and that your unnecessary cache has been cleared. It is also a good idea to delete widgets or home screens with animation, as they also draw on the power of your system.

Apps Designed for Gaming

That video games for smartphones are a very important thing is shown by the phone manufacturers themselves who install booster options in their devices. Thus, OnePlus and Samsung have a special “Game Booster“ setting, and if your phone does not have a similar option, you can download the third-party application from the PlayStore store.

One of the best game booster app is made by the company BGNmobi. It is free, but there are ads within it. You can certainly pay to make them disappear. Once you install that app, it will automatically free up resources the moment you start the game. In addition, it will show you FPS, i.e. frames per second, which we know that all computer geeks like to watch.

See also the official store of your phone manufacturer. So, for example, you can find Game Plugins accessories for Galaxy phones that can further optimize your phone for video games.

Buy a Mobile Phone for Gaming

It is true that you don’t need something like that to play video games, but if you want the maximum experience then at least consider this option.

Some manufacturers such as Razer and ASUS make phones just for video games. And indeed, gaming is better on these phones than on a regular device, but their disadvantage is that they are not so good with other things that are essential for a smartphone.


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