How to Download Kannada Movie?

Download Kannada Movie
Download Kannada Movie

Kannada Movie Download

Find all the Kannada Movies to download that were released in recent years and find Kannada HD Movies Download, New Kannada Movies Download, 2020 Kannada Movies, 2019 Kannada Movies Free on Legal Platforms. If you are a movie lover and your hobby is watching movies online, then you will find this article very helpful as it consists of all the Kannada movies that were released recently. Read on to know more about Kannada Movies Download, How to Watch Kannada Movies Online, etc.

How to Watch Kannada Movies Online?

There are several OTT platforms that release a number of Kannada movies for free streaming. Though there are many illegal websites that offer Kannada HD movies download for free, it is definitely not the best option when you have legal OTT platforms that offer the same movies for free with much better quality. You can watch and download Kannada movies from a variety of websites that are legal. You simply have to log in with your registered account and start watching the Kannada movies that are available on that particular website. Keep reading to know more about all the legal websites that offer Kannada HD Movies Download and streaming.

What are the Legal Platforms in which Kannada Movies are Available?

When there are a number of illegal websites that offer pirated content, there are also legal websites that offer Kannada movies for streaming and downloading. Yes, you will get to watch the new Kannada movies on all illegal websites as soon as their official release in theatres, but a person whose first preference is safety will surely not proceed to watch movies on an illegal platform. He will rather pay and get a registered account on any of the OTT platforms and enjoy the movies peacefully at home. Here is a list of all the famous and most used  OTT platforms available in India:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+Hotstar
  • Zee5
  • Sun NXT
  • MX Player
  • Jio TV
  • Apple TV
  • Airtel XStream
  • YouTube
  • Tata Sky

What are Kannada Dubbed Movies?

Movies of other languages are often dubbed to a particular language for the regional people to watch and understand the movie without subtitles. Say, if an English movie has Kannada audio, then it is a Kannada dubbed movie. This is especially done for the audience who wish to watch the movie in their native language. Sometimes, this is done for cartoon movies that would keep the kids entertained to watch movies in the language they understand. Kannada dubbed movies are not only offered by the piracy sites also available on legal platforms as well. For eg., Hotstar has many languages from which you can choose to watch your movie. It offers movies in languages such as Kannada, Telugu, Kannada, English, etc

How to Watch Kannada movies for free?

Kannada movies can be found on almost all the OTT platforms available in India. Though some of the legal platforms do not offer Kannada movies for free, there are a few ones that allow you to stream Kannada movies at no cost. Websites such as MX Player, Zee5, Hotstar, etc.,

MX Player allows you to watch all the movies that are available on the website for free. It has a huge collection of movies from different languages inviting people to watch movies in all languages. The best part is that it does not ask you to register for an account to watch movies. It’s totally free of cost. But, Zee5 and Hotstar offer only limited content for free on their websites. People who do not prefer illegal platforms to watch Kannada Movies can use the mentioned legal platforms for entertainment.

Kannada Movie
Kannada Movie

How to Download Kannada Movies?

You can not only stream Kannada movies on such websites but also download them and watch them offline whenever you wish. There are a number of legal platforms that allow you to stream Kannada movies. Legal OTT platforms like Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video allow you to download movies using their app. You can download it when you have enough data and watch it later even when you’re offline. Please note that this can be done only on the platform’s app and not on the website.

In the Hotstar app, when you tap on the movie, you will find three options namely, “Download”, “Watchlist”, and “Share”. When you tap on “Download”, the movie will get downloaded and get saved in the downloaded movies list in your Hotstar account. Once the movie is downloaded,  you can watch the movie even if you do not have an internet connection.

If you were thinking that you can download movies for free from only illegal piracy websites, then you are wrong. Like we already mentioned the legal platforms that allow you to watch movies for free, will also allow you to download movies for free. However, the number of free movies on Hotstar is limited.

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Kannada Movies Download – FAQs

1. When can I watch new Kannada movies on such OTT platforms?

OTT platforms offer newly released Kannada movies after almost 1 month of their theatrical appearance. Though it releases movies late when compared to illegal websites, it publishes the movie in the best picture quality.

2. Why should I watch Kannada movies for free using OTT platforms?

When you watch or download any content from pirated websites, you are more likely to be in trouble legally or personally. If you are caught using an illegal platform, you will be punished by law or you might tend to invite malware when you download content from such sites. So, it is always better to watch or download Kannada movies from legal websites.

3. Should I pay for all OTT platforms to watch Kannada movies?

Though most of the popular legal sites ask you to pay money, there are a few sites that offer movies of the same quality for free. MX Play offers movies on its website for free. Hotstar and Zee5 provide certain movies for free on their website.

4. How much should I spend to watch Kannada movies on OTT platforms?

Yes, you will need to spend a certain amount to watch Kannada movies on legal websites but it is definitely going to be much less when compared to the total amount spent to watch movies throughout the year in a theatre.

5. Can I watch Kannada dubbed movies on such legal platforms?

Why not? You can watch Kannada dubbed movies also on legal websites such as Hotstar and Netflix where some movies have Kannada audio also. You can also find Kannada dubbed movies on Sun NXT.


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