Social Media Marketing: How to Earn Money with Instagram?

How to Earn Money with Instagram
How to Earn Money with Instagram

Initially, Instagram was merely a photo-sharing app, but now it has found a sweet spot in the marketing world. This is the reason why you hear about the Instagrammers who are successfully monetizing their Instagram accounts. There is a good chance that you want to do the same but you probably don’t know where to start. Well, no worries! You just need to take time to put in efforts to use the right strategies in order to make money on Instagram. If you are ready to do that, let us walk you through some in-depth tactics you can implement to cultivate an income through Instagram.

1. Try to build a solid fellowship

Having a significant amount of followers on Instagram can surely pave the way for social media marketing success. In other words, the longer the list of followers you have, the better you will be seen and the higher your chances are of generating revenue. Now you may be thinking to yourself: How can I grow my followers on Instagram? Well, there are countless ways to do that. Here is a list of highly effective ways to accomplish your goal of growing your followers:

  • Like photos and posts in your niche
  • Try to socialize more often
  • Run different contests
  • Post engaging content
  • Ask people to follow you

Also, don’t forget to satisfy your potential and present customers’ queries.

2. Consider providing a link to your website or blog

Say, for example, you have successfully convinced your followers to invest in your product or service but you haven’t provided a product link, how will they make a purchase? In order to make money, it is crucial to provide links to your website or products. Whatever you decide to share on your Instagram account, make sure you include a CTA (this will help the potential customer to purchase the item). In addition to that, you can tag the item as well to make their purchase a whole lot easier.

3. Become an affiliate

You can make a commission by selling other people’s products on your platform. There are many brands out there selling their products through different affiliate programs. By choosing to become an affiliate, you can make handsome money from Instagram.

In order to make money as an affiliate, you can use a trackable link or a promo code to ensure the clicks are converted to sales. To find that out, surely, you need to have a reliable internet connection along with high-speed for which we suggest you contact AT&T customer service. If you have any difficulty tracking your sales, make sure you take a look to locate the best package for yourself. This way, you will not miss out on any sales conversion.

Before you dive into promoting products, make sure your content is quite engaging. Since Instagram allows you to have only one clickable link on your bio, you can focus on including a landing page to your affiliate link. Also, you should produce content in a way the users buy the products via the link on your Instagram bio.

4. Share quality images

The sole purpose of Instagram is to share visual content of high quality. Always try to share the latest photos of your products on your account. Showcasing attractive and quality photos on Instagram is a great way to entice prospects and monetize your account in no time. You can even showcase what your brand is all about; this is typically done with images that appeal to prospects’ visual senses. Also, it is a good idea to get creative with graphic images to tell your brand story to your audience.

5. Post creative videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it would not be wrong to say that a video is worth a million words. Now you can share a visually appealing video of about 15 seconds, thanks to Instagram’s latest feature. Try coming up with an attention-grabbing video for your fans and let them know why it is a good idea to invest in your brand. Or maybe consider getting creative with 15 seconds long video to show the process of how your products are built or manufactured.

6. Always get testimonials from happy clients

Getting testimonials from your happy clients is an effective way to win the trust of prospects. Nothing will convince your audience more than a handful of images, testimonials, and videos that speak volumes about your brand’s credibility.

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7. Organize a contest or event

By running a cool campaign, contest, or event, you can get people to engage under your post. You can offer exclusive offers/deals on your products for a short period of time. Another way to get your fans involved is to share some promo codes. Ask them to like, comment, and tag a friend or two to enter the competition. This is, without a doubt, an ideal way to increase your followers and their interest in your products.


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