Why You Should Rethink About The Audio of Your Video

Sound of Music
Sound of Music

Sound affects us in powerful ways. It’s essentially your primal warning signal for any threat that might be coming your way but that you can’t see yet. For that reason, audio is an important part of your video despite Facebook changing its setting to mute all videos. Actually, that’s probably more about people getting frustrated about things coming on automatically rather than watching videos out of choice.

In fact, Snapchat states that two-thirds of its videos are watched with sound, according to MarTech. Audio has the added benefit of allowing you to do something whilst listening at the same time. Furthermore, it’s very easy to include sound with an online video editor such that you should check out this tool and see the possibilities. 

Why Sound is Critical with an Online Video Editor 

When you make a video, it’s just as important for it to work with the sound off as it does with it on. Not only is this more inclusive for your target audience but you still want to cover those people who mute their videos. Having said that, there are huge benefits to having the right audio when doing video creation as listed below: 

  • Gives a major impression of the quality of your brand 
  • Adds mood and impact to your online videos
  • Makes your videos more memorable 
  • Voice conveys more information 

Gives a major impression of the quality of your brand 

Certain sounds will impact your emotions, partly because they might trigger memories. They also affect our perception of a situation. So, for example, the sound of a thunderstorm might trigger feelings of anxiety. On the contrary, that sound might convey an impression of being safe and cozy. 

You can leverage this blend of emotions and memories with any online video editor. You do this by including music or other sound effects when you edit videos. Viewers will then more easily connect a positive feeling with your brand such that they connect to it at a deeper level. Clearly, you have to consider the right audio to add when you make a video that’s going to enhance your brand and message. 

Adds mood and impact to your online videos

As suggested, a free video with great audio is more likely to be watched because people will feel connected to it. Whether it’s a music track or a caring voiceover depends on what type of business you have. Either way, including the right sound when video editing will set the mood and support your customized template.

Online Videos
Online Videos

Makes your videos more memorable 

Have you noticed how easy it is to remember certain tunes? If you then upload the right track when you create videos online, your brand is more likely to be remembered. It’s also something for viewers to talk about with other people on social media and suddenly your video clips become more shareable.

Voice conveys more information 

We have five senses and the more you get viewers to utilize them when you make a video then the more likely they’ll take in the right message. Basically, your video will be less open to interpretation. Of course, any voice you use plays a large role but so does music, as previously mentioned. So, for example, your text can be relatively factual about your product. On the other hand, the voice and music can be inspiring such that people connect that emotion with your brand. 

Improving your Audio for an Online Video Editor

Whenever you create videos for free with your online video maker, you have a choice of simply using the templates from the software, along with some minor tweaks, or including your own content. Most editors have a very easy-to-use drag and drop system. If you do include your own content though, it’s always worth starting with the best possible video. This is because it makes editing so much easier. In that case, investing in a microphone recorder can be a good idea. Having said that, there are some basic things you can do with the features on most video editors, as described below: 

  • Remove noise
  • Volume booster
  • EQ adjustment 

Background noise can be a nightmare. Luckily though, it’s very easy to remove at least the obvious sounds that you don’t want. Most video editors actually have a Noise Removal button to click on and the software does the rest for you. Some might even offer a noise suppressor slider although make sure you don’t include any strange distortions when you include it.

Volume booster controls are pretty common in most video editor tools these days. Although, you might not always see an EQ adjustment setting. This stands for equalization which means that you can adjust the volumes of frequency within particular audio clips.


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Final Thoughts on Audio with an Online Video Editor 

When you make a video with a video maker, you want to create the perfect blend of visuals and audio to appeal to your viewers’ emotions. That way, you’re more likely to get them hooked and wanting to find out more, perhaps even buy your product. Getting the wrong audio, including bad quality, can cause great harm to your brand image. Although, you do need to make sure that your video works without sound to cover all viewer situations. Nevertheless, don’t limit yourself, and make sure you include the powerful impact of sound to create the best high-quality videos you possibly can. 


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