50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer

50 50 Integrated Fridge Freezer

50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer. Integrated fridge freezers are designed to slot into your fitted kitchen without ruining the look you’ve spent time and money perfecting.

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50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer

Do they make 50/50 fridge freezers?

When you’re looking at what size fridge freezer you need, there are two things to consider. This is measured in liters and is split between the fridge capacity and the freezer capacity. This split is referred to as a fraction, most commonly 70/30, 60/40, or 50/50.

Are integrated fridge freezers standard size?

Integrated fridge freezers are usually a standard size so they can squeeze into a 60W x 60D housing unit. Remember, if you’re replacing an integrated model, make sure the split type is the same so that cupboard doors fit.

What width are integrated fridge freezers?

Around 55cm.
Integrated fridge freezers normally come in a standard width of around 55cm. However, we do stock some wider models that go up to around 60cm to make sure we cater to all cabinet sizes.

Can you get an integrated fridge freezer?

Integrated models (also known as built-in fridge freezers) sit behind kitchen cupboard doors to give your kitchen a seamless look, making them a great choice if you hate having appliances on show. On the downside, there are fewer models to choose between, compared with freestanding fridge freezers.

How do you know if your fridge freezer is 70 30?

If the door on the fridge is 101cm and the freezer is 62cm then you have the 70/30 split appliance. You can only replace this with a 70/30 split appliance as otherwise, the wooden doors will stop the inside doors from opening and closing correctly.

Are integrated fridge freezers worth it?

Integrated appliances are a great way to save on space as you are able to add appliances in unique areas – integration allows you to put the freezer where a cupboard would normally reside for example. Thus if your kitchen is on the smaller side, integration might be just the ticket.


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