6 Brands That Produce Unisex Watches

Unisex Watches
Unisex Watches

Since time memorial, watches have been an active flamboyant fashion piece for both men and women. These watches also serve a specific purpose in everyday life, and it is found on both the male and the female wrist. This means everyone values their time and would appreciate a device to help them with their schedule. 

Unisex clothing and accessory have been all the rave in these modern times, so everyone can now be comfortable wearing watches no matter their gender. A unisex brand considers many things. This includes delicate, timeless aesthetics, the relative size that will satisfy the two groups simultaneously. Here are some brands that offer wristwatches both men and women can wear. 

1. Panerai

This is an excellent piece that possesses masculine features, but they do have watches that both men and women can wear at the 44mm fitted with a steel bracelet. It is polished and delicate to satisfy both needs of the gender. Panerai has a great collection of wristwatches that would fit both men and women. 

Panerai Luminor Automatic is a classic example of a wristwatch both men and women can wear. It possesses a P.9010 Calibre movement, which can be appreciated through its clear sapphire crystal case back. It has water resistance to 300 meters and can be worn in the pool. 

2. Gucci

This is an Italy-based company that produces a lot of luxury fashion accessories. They have a wild collection of handbags, wristwatches, shoes, caps around the world. They might not be of the same caliber as exclusive wristwatch brands like Rolex, but they offer trendy timepieces. Some of their watches can be worn by both men and women. Gucci watches are fairly water-resistant since they focus more on style than functionality. Most have a 38mm size with a quartz movement and three windows indicating the hour, minute, and date.

3. Chopard

Chopard is a watch brand launched in 1993. The Chopard wristwatch combines diamonds with a stainless steel case, and they have a variety of unisex wristwatches displayed on their website. Happy Sport Quartz Black Dial Diamonds is one of the first to combine diamond and stainless in a wristwatch. 

The satin finish bracelet maintains quality and is also easy to wear for both men and women. This unisex watch is highly reliable and cost-effective. It has three floating diamonds at the hour markers around the silver-tone hands.

4. Zenith

This is a brand well known for producing men’s and women’s wristwatches. They have a solid foundation for the unisex wristwatch that is trendy. The range of the size of their wristwatch is from 38mm to 44mm. They have a standard consideration to fit the wrist of both the masculine and the feminine gender. 

They have a great watch of a chronograph that operates 360,000vph (the average is 28,000) and times to 1/100th of a second. To some people, this looks exactly like a sports wristwatch, but it is also a unisex wristwatch that graces the wrist of both men and women. 

5. Patek Philippe

Panerai is a wristwatch brand with a historical context, and you can not dispute that they have one of the most reliable wristwatches. The wristwatch has a silver surface that makes it uneasy to identify whether it is for the male alone or the female alone. They have one of the best craftsmanship for a wristwatch, making it significantly different from every other wristwatch.

The most common unisex wristwatch from Patek Phillipe is the  Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph. Just like its name portrays it can be worn during journeys or expeditions. This wristwatch displays two time zones at the same time. 

After Panerai Luminor Automatic, Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph is the next wristwatch that introduced the chronograph to the Nautilus collection of timepieces. The wristwatch looks like it is made for women because of the feminine set-up made for it, but at 40mm, this watch is perfect for a lady or gentleman who values a quality timepiece. 

6. Rolex

Rolex is one of the most innovative wristwatch brands.  It has gone through the nook and cranny of the wristwatch industry to create a decent amount of statistics for wristwatch greatness. Rolex watches are high quality and durable. There are the same characteristics portrayed in their perfect unisex wristwatch.  

The unisex wristwatches of Rolex are not just water-resistant but can be used for water sports like diving. It has a rough look, it is made for the outdoors, yet it is also stylish in a glittering way because of the sparkle in the meteorite. This prudent timepiece is perfect for those who like disciplined classic unisex watches. Their unisex wristwatch is made of gold and other precious metals. It is a must-have brand for anyone that loves luxury wear. 

If you want to rock a Rolex wristwatch with your friends, you can choose from their numerous collections of both men’s and women’s watches.  Their most known and most used luxury wristwatch is the Rolex Daytona Meteorite, which has a characteristic meteorite dial on its dressed-up Dayton, making the wristwatch both more masculine and more feminine. Both men and women can wear this Rolex Daytona MeteoriteThis Rolex Daytona Meteorite can be worn by both men and women. One of the distinct characteristics it has is the ability to have a 72 hours power reserve. This means when you put it in during an adventure or travel. 

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In the olden days, wristwatches were made only with men in mind. The designs were muscular and made to fit the male population more than the females. This was because the demographic that was most likely to afford the expensive wristwatches were primarily men. Nowadays, a  wristwatch doesn’t need to have many masculine or feminine features before becoming a luxury wristwatch.

This is because both men and women are interested in luxury items, and producing watches for a particular group might be interpreted as segregation. A wristwatch from the brands listed above is solid, practical, and can fit both men and women. 


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