All You Need to Know About Online Police Check

Online Police Check
Online Police Check

The advancement of technology has totally changed the scenario of almost every industry. Every aspect of life is affected by the presence of the internet and virtuality. Moreover, there are thousands of benefits of using these services. You are allowed to access everything just from your home or anywhere at any time, and this is one of the prominent reasons for the popularity of the internet. It is hard to believe, but police have also joined the online format, and this contributes a lot to the efficiency and productivity of police.

One of the obvious reasons why the police force has come forward to join the online portal is the immense rise in the cybercrime rate. Cybercrime is at a peak these days, and recent times have been really crucial for online transactions portals as there tons of chances of theft elements. That is where the magic lies on the online police check application; you are allowed to file a complaint of the incident the time you get scammed.

These online portals cut all the hard work of visiting a police station and file a complaint. Moreover, you are allowed to file a complaint of almost every crime; you just need to visit the official website and file a complaint. AFP stands for Australian federal police, and the police are working in a phenomenal way to arrest the criminals in your surroundings. Below mentioned is everything you need to know about online police check, so without wasting any dues, let’s get started.

Steps you need to take for filing an application

  • Filing an online application regarding a crime may sound a complicated task; however, it is not; you just need to follow a few steps in order to avail fruitful outcomes. Moreover, there are tons of methods by which you can fill these forms. You are allowed to fill the application form via your most preferred method. In case you want to report a crime, you just need to visit the official page of the Australian federal police and report an application.
  • The ease of filing an application is boosted by the existence of a user manual that is present on the official website. The user manual assists you in every aspect that you need to look for filing an application. However, the online format includes a few manual elements, as you need to save the application form offline at the very first instance. Below mentioned are some of the crucial steps that you need to take in order to file an application online.
  • The foremost that you need to take is to fill in some basic personal details in the application form; the detail will include your full name, personal number, age, sex and few details about your family. In a few cases, you might need to fill in the details of your close ones as in case you confront any issues in contacting the social services; you might contact the police from your closed ones mobile.
  • The second step is the fees, and this is one of the critical steps as if you fail to pay for filing an application form, your complaint will not be registered. You just need to pay some minimal charges in order to accomplish the task through an online format. The charges are pretty much minimum; moreover, the online format cuts your cost of visiting a police station and saves your pocket from a deep cut.

There are tons of payment methods that are available on the official website, which makes the process quite uncomplicated. You are allowed to choose any of the e-banking methods according to your preferences; moreover, the existence of traditional payment methods like a MasterCard and visa embraces the authenticity of this official website. Rather than that there many other payment methods which you can choose, bear in mind that you are not allowed to make payments through cheque and drafts

  • The third step that you need to follow is to earn a few points and, to be more precise, 100 points. There are few tasks on the official website of the Australian federal police which you need to accomplish for earning these points. You notice a bucket list on the website which you need to fulfil for availing these 100 points. Remember that these 100 points are mandatory in order to file your application on this online portal.
  • However, there are some restrictions and conditions if you are going to file a complaint on these online portals. People below the age of 18 are not allowed to file a complaint on this official website; in case you badly want to file a complaint on this website, you need a note from your parents in which they have represented their consent of you filing an online application.

What are the fees of online police checks?

As mentioned ahead, there are few steps that you need to take for registering an application on the online forum, and there are some charges associated with filing complaints. You just need to pay some basic charges, and in no time, you will get your complaint filed. There are three basic steps in which the payment process is done, and these steps are mentioned below.

  • The first step is of national police check applications, which means you are allowed to file a complaint from just anywhere. The charges of these services are approximately 42$, and it is a negligible amount.
  • Later after filing the police complaint, you need to transfer the offline saved copy of your complaint along with your biometrics. You need to attach your fingerprints and other biometrics along with the physical format of your application. The process costs you just 99$, and it is a rapid process.
  • After the above-mentioned steps, you need to fill one more form; bear in mind the last form is filled after the completion of the whole process. After the process, you can avail the best in class services that are offered by the Australian federal process.

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The above mentioned is everything you need to know about police checks online; if you confront any incident or crime, you can file a complaint just online.


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