Apex Legends Beginner Tips For All You Warzone Players

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Many Warzone enthusiasts now love Apex Legends due to the new content that the developers added to it. Apex Legend’s latest season called “Emergence” has spiced up many things for the community, and we can notice the spike in interest. For instance, the game now features a new legend called Seer. There is also a new gun in the game called “Rampage LMG” Let’s not forget the upgrade on the “World’s Edge” and the new battle pass. 

Emergence is a dream come true for many players. But amid this excitement, new players are struggling to understand and master the game. So, this article focuses on sharing some tips that will welcome the Warzone players into the world of the legends. 

But fists, you can start by simplifying the game with some important tools from Battlelog.co/apex-legends-hacks-cheats-aimbot. With that, you can enjoy the game better, even as a beginner. That said, check out our pro tips below. 

Beginner Tips for Apex Legend Enthusiasts. 

  • Choose your legend wisely. 

There are up to 18 legends or playable characters to choose from on Apex Legends. If you’re someone who researches your characters before picking, you must have discovered that some are suitable for defense while others are great for attacks.

These Legends have unique abilities that enable them to perform optimally, and therein lies the excitement. But as a newbie to Apex legends, don’t get carried away by the abilities and chose a character you can’t play. If you do, the game won’t be exciting at all to you since you’ll be struggling to play your part. 

Therefore, start with the ones you can easily understand, such as Bangalore, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane of Gibraltor. These legends are easy to understand and provide easy-to-use abilities that a beginner enjoys and plays to the fullest. 

  • Avoid the Hot Zones 

Many beginners to battle royale games often concentrate on the thrills of the kills. We all get fired up with the idea of shooting many enemies without stopping. But that’s not the right approach, especially if you want to last in the game longer. So, we recommend that you avoid hot zones when landing on the battleground. 

The first hot zone to avoid is the blue circle area where all the high-powered loot hides. The truth is that many players are also targeting that area, and if you land there, many bullets might welcome you too. So, be wary of this spot unless you have what it takes to shoot your way out of it. Another hot zone might be where other players choose to land, maybe for loot or more confrontations. Some players love the gunplay. So, they may target specific locations to fight to the death. If you’re a newbie, avoid the madness and live a bit longer to get your bearings on the map. 

  • Run Away from fights 

One of the secrets of winning in Apex legends is to retreat when you can’t fight anymore. Since it is a team-based game, sometimes, you can withdraw your team from a fight that you’re already losing. This decision is often hard to make, even for professional players. But you will save your lives if you can run away from risky confrontations instead of dying.  

So what do you do? If you see that the team has taken many hits and continuing will be suicide, it’s time to retreat and regroup. You can take a short break to heal your character and reposition for better results during the fights. 

  • Focus on movement mechanics 

One of the things you should master at the beginning is how to move on Apex Legend Maps. No matter the tactics you used in Warzone to win fights, it is best to learn what works in this game first. According to many pro gamers, you need to move fast while fighting the enemies. Don’t ever be caught at a slow speed, or else; you’ll die suddenly. 

Instead, move at a faster pace, and keep firing at the enemies while in motion. Don’t wait or stand to fire your gun. Also, make sure that you switch positions as fast as you can to avoid becoming a target. 

Remember, Apex legend features toxic fumes, airstrikes, and flying enemies. If you don’t know how to face these situations, you will not survive at all. However, once you master your perfect movement, you can learn bunny hoping, wall bouncing, or strafe jumping.  


Joining the community of Apex Legend players is a whole new experience. You might find it challenging at first, but the game will become easier with our tips above. Moreover, try to invest in proven Apex Legend cheats to simplify the game. Also, find out the things that work in the game by studying the mechanics and requirements.


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