Are You a Solitaire Addict Looking to Increase Your Winning Chances? Here are the Top 8 Tips


Solitaire is an exciting card game made for those who cannot find any partner for their game or play alone. It is a game that used to come in our windows as a default, and everyone must have played this game at least once in their life. Seeing such popularity of solitaire card games, many websites have now taken an initiative to provide the old skool games so that audiences can play solitaire games for free.

But the solitaire game is not an easy task to handle. There is a massive list of rules and regulations that a person needs to follow, and based on those rules, you need to proceed to the game. That is why sometimes people can’t win their game. To help you out, here is a list of tips that a person should keep in mind while playing the game to increase their chances of winning.

You Should Uncover The Larger Stack

When you play solitaire games for free, then the first tip you should keep in your mind is to focus on the larger stack. When you play the game, then there is some small size stack and some larger sizes. You should always apply the trick of uncovering the largest stack first. The main reason why this trick should be used is the more number of card options. With the increasing possibilities of cards, it will be easy for you to decide how to make the combinations easily.

Don’t Let The Row Empty If You Don’t Have A King

It is a rule of the game that you can only fill the row when you empty a row if you have a king. If there is no king visible or free to put in that space, then it is advised that you should not let the row empty. It will decrease the chances of shuffling that you can make. If there is a single card and the king is not free, then you should focus on getting a king first and, after that, remove that single card. Till then, let that spot remain covered.

Shuffling Should Be Avoided Without Any Reason

It is a habit of people to start shuffling the deck of cards without seeing the possible connections they can make. If one is not getting any move in mind then, they should try to take the help from the suggestions. They will surely help you figure out a move, and if not, then you can think of shuffling. The biggest reason shuffling is avoided is that due to shuffle, some of the cards you have formed in a stack are also shuffled, due to which the hard work you have done to reach that place can move to vain.

Try To Play With Aces And Deuces

When you find an ace or deuce in the side stack that is lying aside in the game, you should never leave it. Instead, you should always consider these two cards and play with them. The reason is that the aces can be the foundation of the columns that you are compiling along with the deuce. It will get easily fitted in your game and open up more options to withdraw from the deck of cards.

Card Color Is Very Important To Remind

Before you start to apply any trick for solving the solitaire game you are playing, you should know the challenges. The biggest challenge in the game is card colour. When you are trying to shift one card from a column to another, then it is the card colour based on which your shuffling depends. When you place a king in a space, then always make a game plan before doing this.

Let us consider that you have two kings who can be placed in an empty place. Now you should choose the colour wisely, seeing the cards that are going to follow the king. You should always place those cards that will quickly stack up in the column.

In The Move Turn The First Deck Card Up

When you are starting the gameplay, then you should always move the first deck card up. The reason behind doing this is that when you do it this way, then you will get extra opportunities to build a foundation in the deck. Now it is known to everyone that the more options a person has in solitaire, the more they will have the chances to win the game. That is why I always apply this trick to the game and see the changes.

Don’t Let Your Aces Move Up In The Row                  

According to the rules of the game, the king is the first card with the help of which the row will start, and the aces are the final one on the list. Now when a person is shuffling the cards from one column to another, then by mistake, they send the aces up in the row. The biggest downside of this is when you are willing to complete a deck of cards; you have to face issues in bringing the ace out.

That is why always be careful with the aces that it won’t show up in the list so much that it causes you.

Column With Most Hidden Card Should Be Taken Care Of 

The final tips for people who are willing to play solitaire games for free and win are the hidden cards. When playing the game then a person should always focus on those columns that have maximum hidden cards. It should be the first task of the person that they uncover all the hidden cards. With this task’s help, the opportunities to win the game will increase due to more options.

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The final wording

These are the eight pro tips that every person who wants to win the solitaire game against a computer should apply. The same tips are also applicable for those entering the multi-player gaming options provided by websites, which is a new change in the solitaire world.


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