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In order to Gmail login, and Google documents you need to have a Gmail account you can have this account by using some steps that require a username and password or some related information. By joining Google accounts you can get out of the most Google services it gives you easy access to your important information from anywhere.

Gmail Login

You can easily sign in to your account by just following these steps

  • Visit
  • Click on the “sign-in”
  • Now a window will appear which requires the email r phone you have entered while making your account
  • Click on the Next written at the right bottom corner here you will enter the password you have chosen for your account
  • Now by clicking next you will be redirected to your account

gmail login

Signing out from the account:

Once you are done with your account to should get signed out of your account it could be easily done by these two steps

  • Click the icon on the top right corner of your page
  • Click logout/sign-out and you would be signed out of your account

Contact synchronization

Google also provides the facility to get access to all the contacts that have a Gmail account if you have chosen a backup of your contacts on mobile on Google you can easily come to know how many of your contacts are available on Gmail.

Gmail Login by other devices

If someone tries to sign in to your Google account or even you log in from another device you will immediately get a notification of signing in from another device as Google ensures the security of your account for this Google provides.

Two-step verification to change password:

  • Click on change password
  • Now enter your old password and write a new one

Adding another account

If you wish to add another account to your Google follow these simple steps

  • Click the icon on the top right corner, now go to settings
  • Now click on add another account. Just write the username and password and you will be signed in

Login Gmail on an IOS device or Android or iPhone

In addition to all these things, if you are in rush and don’t have time to open up your laptop, Google account can also be used on your android phones and iPhones
For that, you have to first install the Google app r your android or iPhone
Simply sign in to your account and you will have access to your inbox

Adding another account to your mobile phone or IOS device

The process for android and IOS devices for adding another account is slightly different from each other..Let’s get started first with an android phone.

For android devices

  1. Go to your Gmail account
  2. Tap on your profile picture. You will get options of adding another account or managing your accounts
  3. Click the “add another account” option
  4. You will see a pop-up window that will say “setup your email”
  5. You will click Gmail and you will b given a page in which you will type your valid username and password..
  6. Still, when you will come to your inbox you will b at the same page of your old account
  7. To reach your newly added account just click on the profile picture you will be directed to the inbox of your new account

For IOS devices

  1. From your, Gmail tap the profile picture at the top right corner
  2. You will see options for adding another account
  3. Now add your Google account in this you don’t have a choice as your account chosen should be Google
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen. The instructions may vary from mobile to mobile so don’t get worried just follow the directions given

Login Gmail without using a password?

If you wish not to add passwords again and again. If you have a personal device you can also get logged in without using a password for that just log in to your account you will see a pop-up notification at the bottom of the page which says “save password “ you just click on it and your password would b saved. For future use when you will open your Gmail it will show you your id just click it and you will go to your inbox.

Steps to follow

Following these steps would lead you to get a secure account:

  • First of all, you will type the name of website that is on the search bar
  • In the second step, you will write username that could be your own name or any other name you want to use as your username
  • In this step you will type a password that may contain alphabets, numeric keys, alpha numeric keys r a combination of all..make sure to make such a password that is not easily accessible by others
  • Now a form will appear which requires your personal information that is necessary like your date of birth, gender, your phone number.
  • For the verification of your account, Google will send you a code on the phone number you have provided in the form
  • As soon as you enter the verification code you would be redirected to your account
  • At first, you will be automatically signed in to the account but for the security of your account always log out before leaving the device especially if you are using a shared device
  • Now set a profile picture if you want to add any .your profile picture would help your contacts to find you easily

By clicking the drop-down menu you will see various services provided by Google that includes Google games, google drive, and your documents.

You can also set a backup of your files and photos on this account