How Can I Obtain Employment in Australia?

Employment in Australia
Employment in Australia

Many foreigners wonder about migrating to Australia or at least about going there to work for a time. And why not? It’s a beautiful country, a peaceful place offering plenty of opportunities, and the pay is good enough.

However, moving to Australia isn’t that simple as the country has a very complex visa system, and without a visa, you don’t have the right to work there.

Working Holidays in Australia

People between 18 and 30 can avail themselves of Australia’s Working Holiday Visa program. This program offers young people a chance to explore the country and work while they travel. There are two types of Working Holiday visas – one allows a foreigner to visit and work for up to one year, while the other can be used for two years.

Finding employment in Australia

Skilled workers can find a job in Australia in various ways. If you’ve approached an Australian employer and they have a need for your skills, they can sponsor you for your visa application.

If you don’t know anyone in Australia you can use a portal like Skillselect, put in place by the Australian Home Affairs Department. Creating a profile is free and you can get in touch with Australian employers interested in your skills.

Don’t expect an Australian employer to reach out to you immediately, unless, of course, you have exceptional skills that are in high demand in Australia.

Keep in mind that creating an account on this portal is not the same thing as applying for a visa.

How to obtain a work visa for Australia

There are around 30 types of work visas available to foreigners wishing to relocate to Australia for a few years. It might seem very complicated, but things start to make sense once you check out the Australian Department of Immigration website. To understand which visa is best suitable for you, all you have to do is check the visa finder tool.

This tool allows you to identify your options based on your particular skills and expectations. You can use this tool if you want to invest in Australia and don’t know where to start.

Do I need a background check for a work visa in Australia?

One thing you need to know about Australia is that they have a strict policy on who they allow into their country. Even if you’re a fresh-faced 18 years old dreaming to explore the world, you’ll have to prove that you’re not a dangerous person and won’t create any problems during your stay in Australia.

Once you proceed to apply for a visa, you’ll have to submit a valid passport and recent photos, but you’ll also have to pass a so-called character check.

You’ll have to fill in a detailed form concerning your education and employment history (if applicable). You’ll also be asked to provide a national police check. For Immigration or Visa, it must be via the AFP however for employment you can get the character check online from character check agencies like ANCC Australian national character check. If, by any chance, you’ve been to Australia before you’ll have to get a background check for the period you’ve spent there. No worries, this can be done online using the services of a character check agency.

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Once it’s been determined you pose no threat to Australian society and have skills that are in high demand, you will be granted a visa.

Keep in mind this is a lengthy procedure and it might take months before you get the all-clear and can start packing your bags.


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