How to Get Juggernaut in Warzone?

How to Get Juggernaut in Warzone

How to Get Juggernaut in Warzone?

Launched by Activision, Warzone is among the most popular games. Through this game, players enter a BR mode and survival till the very last is their main target. Juggernaut suit was launched in Season 5. It was initially launched as a game mode. Since then, the players search for this powerful armour and powerful machine gun to win. In fact, the Juggernaut suit is one of the most powerful things in the whole warzone. Let’s discuss how to get juggernaut in warzone?

As obvious, getting Juggernaut is not a child play as nearly all players want to have this armour to win the COD Warzone easily. Also, you need some luck too. With the possession of this suit, the player can become a walking death machine. To have this suit, you need to be the first one to find the crate using a map. So, every player should try his best to get the Juggernaut suit before anyone else can.

What is a Juggernaut suit?

The immortal Juggernaut suit is in high demand among every COD Warzone gamer.  If you want to lead in Verdansk, the Juggernaut suit is your thing. Juggernaut suit is a heavily armoured suit with a huge Machine gun attached. The gun has a good range. Nothing but a concentrated barrage of bullets or a well-placed airstrike can hinder the path of the owner of this suit. The powers of this suit graciously reward the efforts one put up to search and get it. This suit can help you win the match, but there are certain cons as well.

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  • Since this suit is heavily armoured, it remains unaffected from bullets.
  • The machine gun is capable enough for you to shoot several bullets in a single reload.


  • The huge and heavy suit makes the movement of the wearer slow.
  • Reloading machine guns are very time consuming which can be dangerous if the layer is amidst an intense fight.

How To find Juggernaut suit?

It is quite difficult to search for these suits as there is only a limited number (2-3) of these suits available in the game. Nevertheless, some of the ways to find them are:

  • By a red access card

One way to find the suit is to search for a Red Access Card. For this, get to a bunker needing a Red Access Card. There are in all 10 bunkers located in Verdansk for you to go. Some of these will work with access cards but others use specific codes. If the bunker is accessible with the key card, a green light will shine above it.

You need to find a Red key card scattered somewhere here if available. You may find them Loot Boxes around the map. This is mainly depending upon how lucky you are. Finding Juggernaut Kill-Streaks inside these bunkers filled with rare items is very occasional itself. And since this is rare, often you tend to qualify several levels without finding any. Another way to find it is by killing someone, when they die, this does drop as a lootable item.

  • By finishing Easter Eggs levels

This method to get the suit guarantees that you will gain the Juggernaut if you complete this. Here, it’s mandatory to finish the Downtown Easter Egg. For this, you need to land Downtown on the building having a dome roof. Then, players need to complete the easter egg which will give access to a secret station through the subway. Within this subway, you will surely get many Advanced weapons and, finally, the suit. The second method through which players can find the suit is by completing the Stadium easter egg.

  • Airdrop as a method to find Juggernaut suit

Earlier, players need to be lucky enough to find a Juggernaut suit.

But later this changed when the players need to search for red key cards and then unlocking the bunkers. This method was also not a very guaranteed one.

Until last year the suit can also be achieved by completing Easter egg levels.

But now as per the latest season, the method to get the suit is only through the Airdrop. There is no particular area for Airdrop. So, it cannot be located on the map. To find a Juggernaut suit, the land quickly, take any transport, and search every Airdrop. Prefer a Juggernaut crate that is farther from the airplane.


Now that you know how to get a juggernaut in warzone, search for it wisely.


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