How to Repair Corrupted PDFs and How to Prevent Them

How to Repair Corrupted PDFs
How to Repair Corrupted PDFs

Damages in files are a common occurrence every day. Not only you, but every person in the world may have experienced this at least once in their work. You would know that a particular file is corrupted if it doesn’t open properly. Admittedly, this is one of the downsides of technology, regardless of how advanced it is.

File corruption may happen for various reasons. Maybe it’s due to interrupted power supply, improper use of your computer, and many more. But, at the end of the day, you would probably be more concerned about how to restore your damaged files. Fortunately, there is an abundance of tools you can find on the web to do this.

You would probably have more PDFs than other file types since they are best for archiving and file sharing. Are some of them corrupted? Stay tuned and read how to restore damaged PDFs in just a few clicks! 

What is file corruption?

You typically only see the outside appearance of your PC, Mac, or Linux. However, underneath the hood, what appears on your screen is made of cryptic, electronic data. Of course, there are distinctions for each file format, and it would be a problem if an error occurs in writing data. That’s when you might find some of your files to be corrupted. Learn why it appears, how to do PDF repair, and prevent file corruption from happening.

When does it occur?

File damage may occur for several reasons. They may be caused by you (how you use your computer) or by external factors you have no control over. Perhaps an error occurred when saving the file or another issue took place. Have a look below and see how different situations may cause file corruption.

Let’s say that you are done editing your file, and you are now saving it as a PDF. Suddenly, the computer shuts down because of a sudden power interruption in your area, or you accidentally plugged it off. When you opened the computer again and tried to open the file, a prompt said it can’t be opened.

Another reason may be due to malware that you acquire online. It may be a virus that can damage or spy on your computer. Just know that malware is harmful to your device and your files per se. If you do get this by visiting unsafe websites, opening emails from unknown sources, and using public networks, then your files might be in danger.

Expect file damage if your storage is in bad condition or simply if it has damaged segments. These three situations are some common reasons for file corruption. Of course, you can prevent them by doing several measures to ensure that your files, or at least copies of them, remain safe.

Is there a way to restore corrupted files?

This question is a must-ask if you value your intellectual property. Perhaps you have searched for this on your browser, and what appeared on your screen are tools to repair them. Indeed, technology is advanced enough to enable us to save our damaged files using several online websites.

Imagine living in the past where files that got lost in fires and water have been lost permanently. But, there’s no need to worry now, thanks to developers of PDF repair tools. Choosing which tool online best suits you is entirely your call, of course. But, we recommend using PDFBear’s Repair PDF tool for a couple of reasons.

The Repair PDF tool of PDFBear is 100% free to use. It has a friendly user interface, and you can do the restoration process by doing some simple steps. It operates on superb SSL security at a reasonably fast pace. You can access it on any device without the need for any software installation as long as you go online. Here’s how you can use it.

  1. Go to the Repair PDF tool by PDFBear.
  2. Upload your PDF to the website.
  3. PDFBear will automatically attempt to repair your file.
  4. Download your repaired PDF.

NOTE: PDFBear will attempt to restore your PDFs to the highest possible quality. There’s no guarantee that the whole PDF will be repaired to a workable condition, but the outcome would be much better than doing the work all over again. 

Are there ways to prevent file corruption?

Of course, there are some preventive measures that you can take. Though there’s no guarantee that this situation wouldn’t occur in the future, you could at least make sure that most of your files, if not all, are not lost. These ways are seemingly simple, yet they are undoubtedly helpful. 

Ensuring power supply

A sudden power surge or interruption may cause a computer to crash, and in turn, corrupt your PDFs. Ensuring that the electric supply is maintained well would translate to preventing errors in saving your finished work. Of course, you must also shut down your computer correctly. Not doing so is equivalent to just cutting off the electricity.

Installing anti-malware protection

As you go online, your computer becomes prone to online threats such as viruses and other forms of malware. You might be unaware that such things infiltrated your computer already. To prevent that from occurring, installing anti-malware protection, albeit for a few dollars, would make your files secure from damages. Of course, it’s also on your part to only visit secure websites, open emails from known senders, and download files without viruses.

Back up regularly

Directly backing up your files to another safe storage space, online or not, is another way to ensure that your files are kept secure. Doing this is good practice as you can retrieve your files from another location if your computer gets corrupted. Ensure that your hard drive or online storage doesn’t get damaged as well because that would be really a frustrating matter.

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Final say

Regardless of how advanced technology is today, we must admit that there is a big room for improvement. We are still haunted by these errors that occur suddenly, for reasons we are clueless about. Nonetheless, we now have many tools like PDFBear’s Repair PDF to help us restore our damaged files.

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