Italy has no Superstars: Is it Good or Bad?

Euro Cup
Euro Cup

In a particular match, both teams deserved victories approximately equally – maybe the Spaniards even a little more. But the tournament as a whole “Squadra Azzurra” is much brighter, more stable, and more integral. Actually, the fantastic unbeaten run of Roberto Mancini’s team, which began long before the Euro, in itself speaks of the non-coincidence of this takeoff.

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Sometimes a wild flop gives the impetus for a quick takeoff. For Italy, this was the absenteeism from the 2018 World Cup after the defeat in the joints from the Swedes. At the same time, Mancini was tormented at Zenit. Let’s not be cunning looking at his current successes: then in Russia, he annoyed plus or minus everyone – both fans and opponents of Zenit.

But a minus to a minus gave a plus, and the arrival of Roberto made the team happy and unhappy before, and the unfortunate coach. And we need to figure out why in Russia Mancini showed the worst, not the best, traits. And he is not alone.

Mancini is not the first to build an attacking Italy. I remember how surprised she was at Euro 2012 – Cesare Prandelli then presented a team as juicy as Mancini is now, and she also reached the final. But Spain did not have enough of it at all – 0: 4. I do not believe that today’s Italians are capable of falling apart like that – even against England, even against Denmark. Although they may lose, of course – the chances with either of these two teams will be approximately equal.

This Italian team has no top-notch stars on which to build the whole game, which is not a bad thing, as the presence of such people makes the team vulnerable at the same time. And in Italy, the Achilles of the pivotal, it would seem, Spinazzola tore, Emerson reached the semifinals – and became one of the best. And so – at any position.

Spain, by the way, is united with Italy by the fact that this is not a team of stars, primarily counting on them. These have flown out before. England, too, can not be attributed to them, despite the presence of Kane and Co., Denmark without Eriksen – even more so. And it seems that the football of the national teams will develop in this direction.

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Anyway, it was a great semi-final. It was the beauty of pace, speed, intensity, instant decision-making under crazy pressure when at any second any player had an opponent on his feet. And then it turned into goals.


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