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People prefer using pirated sites a lot more these days. It is preferred by a large number of people because one gets to download their favorite movies for free which also includes the latest. People who like to watch Tamil and Telugu films mostly go to Moviesda site for downloading.

This piece of article on Moviesda would mostly be helpful to those who do not want to go to a film theatre to watch a movie, rather watch it for free, or in an illegal way. The moment you log in to the site you get to see films in HD quality. Once the site named Tamilrockers was in huge demand and due to certain terms and conditions and continuous difficulties faced by the viewers they are replacing it with they give the viewer ample scope for selecting according to their choice.

This is generally used for downloading movies of huge varieties. These are the number of categories listed below

  • Tamil HD movies
  • Latest Tamil 2021 movies
  • Tamil dubbed movies
  • Tamil HD mobile movies

The above-listed categories are the varieties where the viewers are using it to their level best to download their movies. There are also some viewers who are continuously in search of movies that can be downloaded suiting up to their mobile. Lastly, they should not forget that they are trying to get it in an illegal way.

As per the survey, moviesda claims to be the platform used by millions of viewers who are constantly looking for downloading Tamil movies.

Why Moviesda site 2021?

As soon as you log in to the site you will see a bunch of different types of movie categories. Once, logged in, you get to see various HD print films. This site offers you uncountable Tamil films, music, and more. This is why it is preferred by millions of people. It gives you a huge range of options to see through while watching your favorite film or listening to your favorite Tamil songs. Moviesda gives you all for free and hassle-free downloading.

This site Moviesda also offers you to view the latest of all leaked movies and one can also download them. Not only this you can view the same for various other languages too. The most exciting of all is you can find a Hollywood film in dubbed Tamil versions of it. People will no way find it difficult to use and language will not be a barrier. They give you a wide spread of various other languages and dubbed versions too.

As the site is illegal one should always keep in mind that accessing the site can be not safe and the available contents are pirated ones. one can always go for paid sites for smoother and safe viewing.

Moviesda online
Moviesda online

Leaked Tamil Movies in Moviesda.

This site basically provides Tamil movies that can be viewed in HD format. The recent movies that the site leaked like

  • Baaram
  • Dharala prabhu
  • Gypsy
  • Velvet nagar
  • Dagaalty

These HD Tamil latest movies that people are keen to download to view on their mobile devices.

This time one should always remember the hard work one goes through to produce it. All these sites will definitely break the heart of the producers who are actually working their hearts and soul off to make the film.

It is a real disgrace to the ones who all are working hard. The thing which should be kept in mind that one should not use any pirated sites as all sites are not safe for use. If one enters to surf such a site the chance of getting the virus to the device is maximum. Thus, safety measures are a must.

Free download of leaked movies.

When one thinks of downloading leaked movies from Moviesda one should also keep in mind that it is free of cost. As one waits for fresh uploads which makes the viewers visit the site repeatedly one should wait for fresh updates. Viewers should also know that there are other sites related to the same themes which come up with a new collection of watchable to pick from and download. Downloading movies is easy too where you can just hit on the search button with the name of the desired movie and watch. 

Download Movieda movies under different categories 

The huge collection of HD movies in this site of different categories all time is a sure shot thing. The collection of pirated movies is also seemed to have good quality to binge into. This site most importantly comes up with fresh content and fresh updates in a regular manner. This is the reason why most people visit moviesda site. Not only had that dubbed movies also available most of the time.

 If any viewer is not showing liking towards downloading pirated movies then, legal sites would be helpful to them as those are safe to use at any time.

Movies for Mobile devices on Moviesda

Mobile phones have made people more interested in watching movies on something which is free of cost and even handy. There are more surprises to come as there are mobile downloadable video qualities with the latest leaked HD prints to add the to watch list. 

Thus, moviesdo is the best site for mobile devices too. Mobile phones make downloads easier.

Daily updates on Moviesda 

Moviesda site provides you fresh content every day. Most viewers prefer freshly downloadable videos to watch. So, people get more interest in moviesdo site.

It freshens up on a daily basis and gives updates so that the viewers enjoy hassle-free and fresh movies any day and every day.

Best Tamil movie collection in Moviesda

As you get on the moviesda site you get to see a huge collection of films and their never-ending categories according to your wish. Most people go for the HD quality movies on this moviesda site. You get to see a good collection of Tamil movies of good quality. You get to download good and ample Tamil movies from the moviesda site.

 People first search for the movie go to downloads then see their preferred movies from low to high and then download it accordingly.

Moviesda 2021
Moviesda 2021

Telugu movies download in Moviesda

Not only Tamil movies one can download Telugu movies too. After entering the site, you can check for the latest movies as listed as per the availability. As per convenience people can download it accordingly as per demands if you further want to download you just have to type to search the name of the movie and clicking on the link will instantly show the downloadable link.  

Download moviesda Hollywood movies 2021

This site is also popular for the very famous Hollywood movies. Where anyone can select their favorites and watch for free at a very good quality. You can choose the quality which best suits you as a better viewing according to your internet speed. If someone is a big fan of Hollywood movies this is the best site.

Download Hindi movies 2021

People who prefer Hindi movies movieda is also the friendliest site for them. It offers a huge collection of all new and old fresh Hindi movies of your choice. You can just search the name and view the desired quality as one wants to enjoy. During traveling one can easily engage them self-watching movies either on their mobile devices or laptop according to the speed of the internet.

Download Tamil dubbed movies 2021

There are people who are showing interest in dubbed movies one can even get those easily on the movieda site. You can watch it with family and friends. Every time you search, they offer you fresh updated quality for better viewing which will want you to come back even more.

Download HD movies in moviesda 

As cell phones are handy people prefer using them for movies too. Rather, than a big laptop which is heavy and difficult to carry. Which makes people happy as they can watch their favorite movies online anywhere anytime? You can also keep it downloaded prior to your travel date as it offers an option to download it earlier. Also, it is simple and can be accessed with minimum knowledge.

Tamil Mp3 songs downloaded in Moviesda 

Songs soothe our ears and if you are one of them who loves to hear Tamil songs you must log in to moviesda site for all types of Tamil songs of good quality. But before stepping forward one must remember that it is a pirated site and safety measures must be seen first while downloading the Mp3 format. Again, if you want to hear songs without paying money this is just the ideal site to get songs for free.

Moviesda Website Categories

Some of the categories that are available on the Moviesda website are as follows:

  • Moviesda HD movies
  • TamilRockers Movies
  • Tamil A-Z Movies
  • Latest Tamil Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies Collection
  • Tamil Mp3 and Video Songs
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Movies

About Moviesda Extension

Moviesda has its own chrome extension for various applications. You can check out here- Moviesda chrome extension.


No registration in Moviesda 

It needs no registration. When everyone wants to connect themselves to the moviesda site they can without any registration policies. It’s free one just need to type moviesda and download the site right away. They don’t have complex policies so you can very easily use the platform. Like many other sites, they have registration procedures where they demand certain information that can also be later hacked. You can just log in and start to find your movies.

No subscription charges needed

This site named moviesda does not charge you subscription-like many other sites. It’s for free and they regularly update and keep the quality fresh for better viewing it also offers a huge range of downloadable sizes you can easily choose your plan according to your internet permit and download them in a very short period of time and also they serve you in huge quantities. At the same time, one must also know it is a pirated site and if anyone does not feel safe they can just shift to another site that does legal streaming.

Choose video quality in Moviesda

As you go through the site you will see a huge range of movie video quality. Different people want different quality for downloading according to the internet permits. From HD to low quality as it fits your requirements. You even get to download it beforehand. Whatever you select for you get regular fresh updates for better viewing without interruption.  

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Download year wise movie collection

This site offers you a year-wise collection of movies. From 2021 to all years. From HD quality to low internet consuming data. You can see an extravagant collection of movies which millions of people want. You can just search for your desired movie with just the year. Which makes it super easy to attract netizens easily. Which are also not to forget fresh and daily updates.

Upcoming OTT movies on Moviesda 

The popularity of this site lies in the number of people streaming it, currently, it’s in millions. It is famous among viewers. During the pandemic, we saw many other sites got opened to stream movies from which of course all are not reliable. We also saw Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. which provided subscription streaming which most people did not like and still prefer non-subscriptive sites that are free for watching and downloading movies.

People hardly spend money on a subscription to watch movies these days and moviesda is one such reason. If you are in case looking for the latest movie and you find it on moviesda site. It is of course a leaked or pirated version but will offer you HD prints. One must always keep in mind that this is nothing but a strategy that will always be a bit problematic so, it’s better to keep a subscription done for smooth streaming.


It is important to give a disclaimer as we are not trying to promote what is bad or good. We are just here to keep you people aware of pirated sites. This is all about educating yourself to stay away from pirated sires like movieda which is against the legal policy. Instead, this anyone can just go to any legal sites fr better streaming.


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