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Rediffmail a web-based email service that is provided by The web service has provided approximately 95 million to usernames. The web is providing also a great capacity for data saving.

It’s a bright business email solution for any business. It is a well-manufactured site where you can create your id on here and the site has a great capacity to maintain the client’s data in it. Rediffmail provides 5 email addresses to its clients. These email ids can be utilized for office employee’s records as well. The site can also provide a domain name for any company.

Why you should choose this site aspect the other sites?

1. Bright Features:

The site has bright features to the users while there are using anything data will save offers you a great bundle of powerful features with multiple email ids.

2. Faster:

The email gives you better and very fast results in a click.

3. Reliable:

The mail has millions of satisfied users all over the world and also this one is most favorite email in India. The developers had developed according to clients' demand and it fulfills all requirements by users.

4. Tech support:

The email provides you all information about your questions related to email features and its staff sort out all problems with good dealing.


How to login to Rediffmail?

  • First, you have to type in a search bar
  • Click Rediff mail
  • Click (user name and type username and password also)
  • Click go/sign in
  • You will go to your Rediff mail where you can compose and receive and also sent emails.

In case of forgot password?

If you forgot your password then go to the web browser, enter the URL of Rediffmail in the address bar.

  • Click on Rediffmail link
  • Click on forgot password link given under the username box.
  • Now enter your Rediffmail ID and click on the Next button.
  • After this, you will get another page asking you to select an option either you want the email recovery option or the mobile OTP.
  • Select any option you want to go through and click the next button.
  • After this Rediffmail team will send an email on your given alternate id or will send OTP code on your mobile number.
  • Then you can choose your mobile number or id option to reset your password.
  • Suppose enter your mobile number and type code that will show on the image below and click on the Next button.

What are the payment methods available?

  1. Provides you the credit card option for fast method. You can also pay by visa, diners, and American express.
  2. You can also pay through cheque or demand draft.
  3. Internet baking: if you have any bank account then you can pay through the bank also. You can use bank payment for its payment.
  4. Pick my cheque /demand craft: you can also pick cheque bye your business partner to mail’s payment method.

How much time it will take after paying?

Mostly account active in just 24 hours after paying payments.

But here we are giving some specific time for different categories like …. In CREDIT CARD for fast activation we recommend credit card paying options.

In internet banking mostly activates after 72 hours of payment submitted. Rediff also facilitates the users to get fast activation in much less time.

Heavy business techniques:

Rediff mail offers you a large number of tricks that you can use for your business and can develop different ideas through making an account in it.

Here you can book your domain also you can host the domain and its further details we provide to the clients as well as they will get a good chance for their business.

Rediff offers a variety of business techniques to its visitors to make them alert all the time with their surroundings. Daily it is increasing its visitors from all over the world because daily it's business promotion ideas are generating all over the world.

Rediff mail provides its helpful staff to its visitors which helps the users all the time according to their demands. We highly recommend Rediff mail to everyone who wants to spread his/her business.

So and activate your account of Rediff mail today and get the best business tricks. Thanks