What is Whitehat Jr.? Karan Bajaj Answers Basic Questions on the Popular Coding App

Whitehat Jr.
Whitehat Jr.

Kid-friendly coding apps like Whitehat Jr. are designed to immerse children in a different world. From logic to structure, these programs give children the chance to utilize their creativity and learn how to approach problems from a different angle.

Early introduction to coding concepts is nearly essential in today’s digital world, especially when many of the most basic jobs now require at least some degree of technical coding skill.

The need for coding education access will only become more relevant in the future. This is why Karan Bajaj is addressing the problem head-on.

With the creation of Whitehat Jr., Bajaj has developed a trusted source of coding training and immersion that prioritizes the value of STEM and delivers many advantages to children from all walks of life.

Whitehat Jr.: FAQs and What to Know

Among the different types of educational apps in this space is Whitehat Jr., a coding-centered curriculum built to instill the fundamental and advanced coding skills children need to compete in a rapidly changing, tech-driven world.

As Whitehat Founder and CEO, Karan Bajaj is here to explain what makes this program different from its counterparts and how it helps children understand more than just coding technology.

What is Whitehat Jr.?

WhiteHat Jr is an online coding company for young people of all ages and skill levels. Whitehat provides expert instruction on websites, animation, and applications building from idea to reality. Every course offers one-on-one, interactive instruction on a Live Online platform by the top 1% of early childhood coding experts in the field.

For children in upper-grade levels, Whitehat Jr. also provides Advanced Courses. These courses offer children the chance to build a stronger coding foundation, layering what they have learned to develop more confidence in their abilities with each passing day.

What is meant by Whitehat Jr.?

The term Whitehat Jr. refers to an innovative, India-based education technology company and educational curriculum created by Whitehat Founder Karan Bajaj. Whitehat offers one-on-one coding instruction to children of all skill levels, teaching above-board programming fundamentals and advanced techniques that empower children for a lifetime.

From teachers to parents to students, all praise Whitehat Jr. for the curriculum’s approach for instilling the fundamentals of coding quickly. Customer testimonials also laud the platform’s affordability and accessibility for children of all ages and coding acumen.

Is Whitehat Jr. good?

Yes. Since its inception, Whitehat Jr.’s unique and highly accessible educational curriculum has proven an effective way to improve basic programming knowledge and ability within children of all ages and levels. Whether teaching exciting topics like game development or space technology, or something more technical, the Whitehat Jr teaching approach continues to deliver results at an industry-leading rate.

If a child wishes to specialize and focus on a unique programming area, they’re given the tools and support needed to achieve that goal. Ultimately, Whitehat Jr.’s objective is to facilitate each student’s unique style of learning without sacrificing any aspects of programming fundamentals.

Is Whitehat Jr. legal?

Yes. Whitehat Jr. is a 100% legal education platform operating on a legitimate, fully licensed business model. Powered through Whitehat technology and driven by handpicked coding educators, Whitehat has delivered quality, affordable programs to children of all ages since 2018.

Karan Bajaj started Whitehat as a way to close the widening coding skill gap between families and children of varying income levels. Whitehat reviews by parents show that most customers are exceptionally grateful for this kind of intervention.

While many schools have turned to algorithmic instruction, others have not. This starts as a tiny snowball that quickly gains momentum as time goes by. Older students who begin on the same programming skill level as 6-year-olds will have markedly different skills by the time they reach their teenage years.

Is Whitehat Jr. real?

Yes. Whitehat Jr is an authentic educational platform providing live teaching for math and coding through interactive training to children of all ages. Affordable and easy-to-use, the Whitehat curriculum offers children first-hand interaction and experience with nearly every aspect of coding and code development, including everything from sequencing to segmentation.

Children don’t need to be aspiring software engineers to benefit from the Whitehat approach. The skills this program teaches can be applied across a wide variety of disciplines and may serve children throughout their careers.

What are Whitehat Jr. jobs?

Most Whitehat Jr. jobs are reserved for programming educators. As an education-driven organization, Whitehat aims to recruit experienced teachers adept at finding creative ways to inspire and reach children of all ages. Whitehat educator jobs are available to those meeting strict Whitehat experience and proficiency requirements.

These formative years are so important, and it takes the right person to bring out the best in young people.

Is Whitehat Jr. fake?

No. Whitehat Jr is not a fake coding platform. Whitehat Jr. employs a robust, fully approved business model and coding curriculum that charges a small fee for each programming course and service it provides. Additionally, Whitehat courses are real classes taught by many of the most skilled professionals in coding and math, selected through a rigorous process. Only 1% of training and teaching candidates who apply typically get selected.

The expert teachers at the helm of Whitehat classes have proven technical expertise and understand the challenges of conveying often complex programming concepts to young children. Early education can be difficult for many people because it requires them to think differently than an adult. The Whitehat Jr. staff is truly one-of-a-kind and the heart of the program’s success.

Is Whitehat Jr. free?

No. Whitehat Jr. offers each coding education course to students for a small fee. Whitehat class prices vary depending on the unique curriculum, student skill level, customer preferences, and budget. Whitehat Jr. fees ensure ongoing program development, quality instruction, and the acquisition of teaching talent needed to continually achieve high rates of success.

What are the fees of Whitehat Jr.?

The fees for Whitehat Jr. courses vary depending on course type, duration, individual needs, and the skill level of each unique student. Whether a parent chooses a program that lasts for one month or 18 though, they can expect quality from beginning to end.

Whitehat encourages people to customize the journey too. For instance, some parents may want to try an introductory class for their first-grader and see how it goes. As they become more familiar with the people and methods behind Whitehat Jr., they may choose to sign up for additional classes in the future.

Which language does Whitehat Jr. teach?

Whitehat Jr. starts most students with Javascript, a core programming language. This is largely because Javascript has proven to be the easiest access point for children as young as six. As courses progress, additional coding languages (e.g., CSS, HTML, etc.) may be introduced based on interest and each student’s unique learning path.

What does Whitehat Jr. teach?

Whitehat Jr teaches a number of different programming-centered programs, including space tech, game development,  chat app development, and more. Overall, Whitehat offers a wide range of subjects including Math and interactive coding techniques for children of all skill levels. Whitehat instructors work to fill in the blanks and ensure each child develops an appreciation and the utility of each unique application.

Does Whitehat Jr. teach Python?

Yes. Whitehat Jr. offers courses focused on the popular coding language Python. As older coding languages begin to fall away in favor of the more streamlined versions of the day, Whitehat aims to evolve with the times and allow kids to capitalize on strategies and approaches that work best for them.

Who can apply as a Whitehat Jr. teacher?

Whitehat Jr. hires only educators with the right educational background, mindset, and passion for teaching children. To build the best coding instruction team possible, Whitehat employs a selective teacher vetting process. This ensures parents and children are getting the very best one-on-one instruction in the industry.

Those who are hired also go through several rounds of vetting before they are officially extended a position.

How do you get selected in White Hat Jr. for teaching?

Whitehat Jr. teaching applicants need to be the best at what they do, and they have to want to work with kids online. It’s not always easy to wrestle a child’s attention from other, more immediate matters, and get them to focus on extracurricular learning. Whitehat looks for people who know what it means to engage kids and maintain their interest as each program progresses.

Is White Hat Jr. good for teachers?

Yes. Many teachers not only praise the work Whitehat does but also how their Whitehat Jr salary has changed their lives. Whitehat provides teachers a world of opportunity to make a positive impact on student lives, open up career paths for children of all ages and build a fulfilling career in the process.

No matter their own long-term goals, Whitehat teachers find the support they need to build up a new generation while improving their own career journey along the way.

Who is behind Whitehat Jr.?

Whitehat Jr. was established in 2018 by visionary and entrepreneur Karan Bajaj. Bajaj is the father of two daughters and a huge proponent of early education and skills empowerment in children. Through an innovative childhood coding curriculum, Bajaj and his team introduce kids to a fundamental skill set currently captivating the world.

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The use of devices today is ubiquitous in nearly every corner of the globe. Bajaj wants his students to sell themselves as the visionaries of tomorrow, the ones who will push the realm of what is possible. No matter what direction they choose to go in life, they’ll have the skills they need to challenge the status quo and build a better future. The belief that drives WhiteHat Jr is the mission of making children creators versus consumers of technology.


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