Avant-Garde, Eccentric, Distinct: A Look at SevenFriday Watches

SevenFriday Watches
SevenFriday Watches

As the world of luxury watches grows, many new-age brands are also sprouting in the market for sure. Choosing a luxury watch that will be your perfect match would take a lot of consideration, such as the wearer’s status, lifestyle, style, and personality, among other factors. That said, one should take a look into this luxury brand which has taken the world of watchmaking by storm–none other than SevenFriday.

Daniel Nierder founded SevenFriday in 2012. Using his 15 years of experience in luxury watches, he built his luxury brand. The luxury brand has appealed to the customers because of its industrial-inspired and avant-garde aesthetic. Especially its  “surround” watch shape that makes it identifiable wherever you are in the world.  In addition to that, the brand’s name means Carpe Diem which translates to “seize the day” in which the brand wants its customers to live every day like it is a Friday. These features and more make the SevenFriday watches worth checking out, and they’re the ideal timepieces for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Check out this brand’s unconventional collection:

1. P-Series

The SevenFriday P-Series is made of unique, sturdy, and powerful timepieces. It has a rugged, modern design-looking watch that would be a great addition to your watch collection. If you want something different yet a very stylish timepiece, you may consider this collection. The perfect watch to wear on any sports occasion like catch-up golf with friends, fun billiards with your colleagues, wholesome car races, exciting bowling with your family, and among others. Its robust body and timeless style will give your outfit an impressive vibe.

2. V-Series

Compared to other collections of SevenFriday watches, the V-series have that strong and masculine-looking watch. SevenFriday V-series features a leather strap with a strong and unique dial, inspired by the industrial revolution, the collection has become famous for its luxurious style and functionality.  What makes it more unique is the time display that makes you look like a mathematician genius with its unusual number position. As people get curious about the V-series, the more people get to love it. The V-series watches are the perfect match to wear on any business formal occasions like a business meeting, grand ball, business presentation, year-end party, wedding, etc.  The timepieces under this collection will give you a smart and masculine look, a great way to spice your formal clothes.

3. M-Series

This series is uniquely designed with futuristic styles and creative watch-making craftsmanship. The SevenFriday M-Series has a great collection of timepieces to offer. It features multi-layered dials with Y-shaped discs, designed to keep up with futuristic modern technology. Its unusual time display makes it more desirable as it satisfies watch collectors who have a peculiar taste in choosing timepieces. The best timepiece to wear on a romantic coffee date, exciting drive-thru cinema, fun band concert, quick road trip, and an enjoyable stroll in the mall – a good watch to invest in if you want a distinctive piece on your wrist.

4. Q-Series

The SevenFriday Q-series is a tribute to the music equipment that produces sounds that go to the heart. It features silver, white, and black metallic colors found in a recording studio resembling a multi-track of tape players. A perfect watch to collect if you are a music lover – giving an essence of a high-tech yet very elegant vibe of a timepiece. It can go well with any casual or formal clothes, whether it is a family reunion, church meeting, or a business presentation, you can never go wrong with the Q-Series as it embodies elegance and boldness.

5. S-Series

The most polished and elegant collection of SevenFriday – the S-Series. Seven Friday always wants to prove its uniquely designed watches, this collection is the best example as it is crafted with recycled materials. The transparent nylon lets the wearer see its stainless steel body and fixing screws – total visibility of the machine inside. The timepiece embodies transparency that everyone would love to get whether it is for a watch or a person – trust and attitude is a very important matter for every human. As the watch gives out a clear and sturdy look, it will be a perfect watch to wear on any public speaking events like hosting a party, leading a prayer, presenting a feasibility study, and preaching.

6. T-Series

The T Series is the most special and eccentric collection of the stylish brand. It features skeletonized rounded square faces with a semi-transparent display. The timepiece displays the brand’s signature of a modern and industrial appearance. What makes it different from the other collection is its slim form and punky vibe – making it look like a timepiece from the future. The timepiece on the collection is a great watch to wear especially for the new generation. It will surely look good on teenagers while on a school field trip, school dance practice, school project, and among others.

7. W-Series

The one-of-a-kind collection of SevenFriday – literally as it is the only watch in the W-Series. It is called the “Blade” watch which has a complex dial that has a day and night feature. The timepiece is bulky and thick because of its multi-layered dial, unlike any typical watch. It also has the brand’s signature square-shaped cases and leather strap with a yellow lining, a very eye-catching timepiece to add to your watch collection. You can wear this in your travels, the robust watch can adjust to any weather and season.

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Final Thoughts

SevenFriday watches are very unique in terms of their designs and functions. A very good option if you want a unique yet very robust luxury watch. You can never go wrong with its seven series of watch collections as it has an eccentric, distinct, and avant-garde timepiece that will be a good addition to your watch collection. Its unusual designs are eye-catching and greatly appeal to the eyes of everyone. For more watches to check out, visit WatchShopping.com.


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