How to Add Page Numbers to PDF Using PDFBear

Add Page Numbers to PDF
Add Page Numbers to PDF

Adding page numbers to your PDF file will have a proper arrangement and help to find or show the information to others. To create more professional-looking files, putting page numbers would provide extra feels in a file. But adding a page number might be difficult to do if you are not good at using technology or anything related to office or schoolwork. You don’t need to be anxious anymore because PDFBear is here to help you with your work in a very flexible and efficient way.

If you are having trouble looking for a reliable platform that you can trust for your files, PDFBear is the one that you can lean on. We can guarantee you that this platform will give you a hundred percent accuracy in making any upgrades to your file. In this guide, we will help you how to add page numbers to PDF using PDFBear. Let’s begin with the steps on how to add page numbers to PDF.

What is PDFBear

PDFBear is a free conversion tool for all PDF files and a dependable platform for managing your files. It is also one of the most functional internet tools accessible for anybody to access. You may use this to edit, combine and add page numbers to PDF documents. You may also convert your PDF to PDF/a, which will allow you to view your PDF documents for an extended time.

This platform is simple to use yet very effective and reliable because you don’t need to install anything. Simply visit and select the tool you want to convert or edit for your work or schoolwork, and then let PDFBear do the task at hand. In the blink of an eye and a few clicks, your task is complete. 

Steps on adding page numbers to PDF

You must go to and pick the tools you want. When it comes to adding page numbers to your PDF file, you need to select the “Number Pages” option. After clicking the option, your screen will change to another preference, and you will see a blue box where you may place the PDF to which you wanted to add page numbers. You have two options for uploading your PDF. First, by looking at the PDF in your storage and dragging it to the box on your screen. The second option is by clicking the “Select a File” and locate the PDF you wanted to add page numbers. 

After selecting the PDF, you will only need to wait a brief period, depending on your internet connection. The screen will display “Bates Numbering,” which you can use if you are a PRO member. In the free subscription, you can still add page numbers. You can see the “Position” in the display, which you can freely select on what side you want to appear the page numbers in your PDF. In this option, the PDFBear will also ask the pages you want to have a number. You can add all of your PDF page numbers or just selected pages only, but it will be up to you to decide. You can also customize the design of the page numbers because there are various selections that you can select on PDFBear.

When you’re through selecting and modifying your PDF, all you have to do is click the “Number Pages” button in the upper right corner of the box to proceed. You don’t need to worry because it will only take a few seconds. When done, you can download the PDF by clicking the download button. Or, you can share it with your friends by copying the link or sending it to them via email that you can do on the screen. Isn’t it simple? You completed your work by simply picking options and waiting.

Why you should choose PDFBear

Add watermark

Clients, or pretty much anyone, will apply watermarks to PDF files to keep their files protected. Using PDFBear, you may apply a watermark to your PDF file in several methods, including selecting a place from nine possibilities and entering certain words or phrases in your PDF file. You may change or customize the watermarks in your PDF files. The watermark indicates that your files will be more difficult to copy or spread without your authorization.


PNG is a file format designed only for easy distribution over the Internet. The PDFBear allows you to convert them effortlessly and rapidly, resulting in a higher quality document. Visual designers and artists convert PDFs to PNGs online for easy viewing on their phones or tablets, making them ideal for readings or reviews. It has a lot of advantages, and PDFBear can easily convert it in just a few moments practically and functionally.

Simple And Quick Conversion Process

This free platform can convert PDFs as easily as possible. It features a user-friendly interface that will make it easy for new users to browse the website. They simply need to follow a few simple steps to complete their work, and by doing so, they will learn a lot about internet technologies and office tools. PDFBear has plenty of tools, including PDF conversion, which is their famous online tool.

Secure And Safe

The safety and privacy of their users are the main priority of PDFBear. Many internet tools operate with little concern for data privacy or security. As a result, many people complain about social media, claiming that they’ll be victims of data breaches and identity theft. You may rest assured that your documents are in good hands. PDFBear’s security on documents is what makes them remarkable. Security goes above and beyond to protect the safety and security of your documents. After an hour, the site will automatically remove the file for your security and safety.

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Trusting an online platform with your files is a risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might get scammed, or someone will use your identity if you use a platform that is not trusted or not reliable. We guarantee you that PDFBear is a trustworthy platform. The procedures outlined above are the appropriate steps to completing your work. But for a better experience and their unlimited service, you need to become a PRO member. So, what are you waiting for? Go to and subscribe to their monthly plan.


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